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 Last 30 days  

The last 30 days of site development.
 April 2022  

April on site.
 March 2022  

March on site.
 Feb 2022  

February on site.
 Jan 2022  

Watch a snapshot of the progress on site at Sherbourne Recycling with our footage from January. The building work is taking shape on site and the framework for the offices, transformer room and glass bays can be seen. Work on the cladding on the roof and northern wall has commenced.
 Dec 2021  

December on site.
 Nov 2021  

As the year draws to as close, here's a final look at the progress so far. The frame for the process hall near completion and the cladding on roof has commenced, while the retaining structures near completion.
 Oct 2021  

The construction continues - An insight into the latest progress of the state-of-the-art recycling facility. The work on site is progressing well with the steel frame deliveries arriving w/c 18th October. The retaining structures near completion.
 October 6th 2021  

A site visit from our key stakeholders
 Sept 2021  

September on site.
 Aug 2021  

August on site.
 June/July 2021  

The cut and fill works commenced on site from 14th June.
 June 2021

The second phase of the project involved cuttings being taken from the four translocated trees. The cuttings from the apple trees were sent to local nurseries to see if bud grafts and bench grafts could be taken and successfully grafted to new stock. The goat willow cuttings have been taken by the company who undertook the translocation works and these are being grown in their tree nursery. These new, young trees will essentially retain the genetics of the original trees.

The propagation has been really successful, and we have around 30 trees ready to be planted later this year.

The aim is to plant some of these trees in between the translocated trees to provide continuity as the older trees mature further, the younger trees can take their place.

Moving forward the site around the trees will be further enhanced to include information boards detailing the history of the trees, benches, and additional planting. It will form a corridor to the Charter House Heritage Site and support their plans to create a central green space in the City.

We have started our environmental program and have put up a number of bird boxes in this area to support the local bird populations.
 May 2021  

Clegg have begun to mobilise site activities, readying the site for the earthworks to begin in June.
 April 2021
A good view of the site from the rooftop of CSWDC 
 April 2021
Good to see our trees are settling into their new homes 
 April 2021

We are excited to announce that after months of hard work, we have now secured contracts with Clegg Group and Machinex for the design, build and process solution for the facility.

Works are scheduled to begin on site in early summer, taking approximately 15 months for the initial building construction to be completed by Clegg Group, ahead of the arrival of Machinex to install the processing equipment. Commissioning is expected early 2023 and the facility fully operational by summer 2023.

John Moxon, business development director at Clegg Group, said: “We’re delighted to be on board and supporting with the construction of this state-of-the-art facility. This project will make a real difference to the recycling capabilities in the West Midlands so we’re really looking forward to commencing work and bringing this project to life.”
Jonathan Menard, vice-president of sales and strategic positioning at Machinex, said: “Since selection back in December 2020, we have worked hard with Sherbourne to offer some value engineering and finalise the contractual documentation to assure a successful project and optimise efficiency of the sorting system.’’

 March 2021

The site has been cleared of debris ready for further inspection and development.
 March 2021

Following planning approval, site clearance of vegetation has been undertaken ahead of nesting season to prepare the site ready for construction work to start in May 2021.

Our first drone video footage gives us a wonderful birds-eye view.

 January 2020

Tree relocation

The site previously comprised of disused and overgrown allotments, which were declassified around 10 years ago, and the land allocated for use associated with waste treatment in the Local Plan.

To better inform the planning application and site suitability, Wardell Armstrong, as supporting technical advisors recommended and undertook a suite of ecology surveys in 2019. At the time the site was heavily overgrown with brambles, had some hawthorn hedging surrounding former allotment plots and a number of self-seeded trees and planted fruit trees.

The finds of surveys undertaken identified four trees which were considered more significant than the others, one a very large girthed goat willow, and three apple trees with veteran features. Rather than lose the trees as part of the development a project to move the trees to a new location just off the site was developed.
With support of Heritage Tree Services, the trees were prepared and moved during early 2020.

As the trees were too large to move with conventional methodologies, the slow process of excavating their roots using high pressured compressed air to create a root ball began in early January 2020. In order to capture as many roots as possible within the root ball without damaging the roots themselves, the excavations were opened at a distance well beyond the area where the roots were thought to be and worked inwards towards the roots. This resulted in the excavations being at least 2 m deep and 10 m in diameter before being translocate to their new homes using tracked lifting equipment.

The trees have been secured in their new locations using ground anchors and will be monitored, maintained and irrigated for five years to support their growth and survival. The area that the trees have been moved to was selected because it was clear of vegetation allowing for planting of some of the trees grown from cuttings/ bud grafts taken. It is also accessible from the public footpath, which will be upgraded as part of the development, so everyone can benefit from their splendour.  

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