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Cutting edge technology
Facility Design
The final design of the facility is one that uses advances technologies to create a flexible solution with built in redundancy to react and evolve to changing waste legislation, and produce high quality output to meet market demand, particularly targeting UK based end processors.

For example, the plant will be able to receive and process from day 1 low grade plastics within the recycling stream (a first of its kind in the UK) and has the flexibility to receive single product streams to respond to any deposit return schemes in the region.

Machinex’s final design utilises sorting robots and optical sorters, within an overall solution to provide a highly automated and innovative state-of-the-art facility. It will also be one of the first facilities in the world that integrates, at this scale, artificial intelligence at the core of its system that allows real-time interconnectivity between the main sorting equipment. The system will be processing a throughput of 47.5 tonnes per hour of recyclables with an extremely minimized level of human intervention with only five manual sorters.

The biggest difference from existing infrastructure in the UK will be the artificial intelligence (AI) and the machines’ interconnectivity. The AI will analyse in real-time the material streams and be able to send critical information to other machines within the system to identify (and effect) automatic adjustments.

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